You can really only be said to exist if you have a place on the Web* --Ralph Sommerer
  (*) that can be discovered using Google or Yahoo (or WinLive), I might add

Here's a couple of people (school buddies, colleagues, old friends) that I hanged out with one time or another in the past, and who've left a trace somewhere on the Web. The document linked to is occasionally a bit arbitrary, and a search on the page is required to locate the person. But it sure is a life sign!

Only confirmed locations are listed, i.e. where there's a picture, or where I'm confident (more than 60%) it's the right person.
Confidence level is indicated using the following ConfidenceMeterTM: medium    - high    - certainty is not indicated.

Schwerzenbächler [MAP]
Patrik Böhringer  [img]
Jürg Hunziker [img only]
Markus Karau
Folker Karau
René "Schumi" Schönbächler [died in March 2005]

Students at the Catholic Gymnasium "Sumatra"
Stefan Finsterle
Christoph Hänsli
Beata Hochstrasser  [img]
Monika Horvath
Beda Jedlicka
Erika Styger [more]
Felix Tschui [img only]

Students at the Kantonsschule Rämibühl
Luzi Bernet
Christoph Frey
Paco Hauser
Vivianne Otto
Teo Sablone [was also at Sumatra]
Thomas Schneider

Förchler and vicinity [MAP]
Karim "Krimli" Badr  [img]   
Markus Gaab
Bruno Keller  [img]
Doris Peter   
Jost Spälti
Andreas Rüdt [img]
Peter "Nudi" Stenz  [img]
Eugen "Ogi" Stürm

Swiss Army Recruit Training Unit RS222
Urs Rengel

Computer Science Students at ETH
Andrea Kennel
Markus Montigel
Prasad Raja
Dani Schnider
Dominique Vorbrodt

Assistants at the Computer Systems Institute at ETH [URL]
Andreas Disteli
Martin Gitsels  [img, left]
Robert Griesemer
Spyros Lalis  [img]
Hannes Marais
Karl Rege
Josef Templ

Employees with Hiware AG [now Metrowerks Freescale]
Albin Meyer
Erich Styger

Interns at Microsoft Research
Eddie Kohler

Swiss Greens [URL]
excludes current MPs/board members that can be found via above URL
Peter Niggli